How It Works

Short-Term Memory Aid operates as a recorder to capture quick notes and thoughts. Short-Term Memory Aid can be worn on a lanyard or carried in your pocket for easy access. Operating instructions are simple:


To record a message, press and hold the “Record” button. Begin speaking after you hear three quick beeps. When finished, release the “Record” button. The maximum recording time is 10 seconds.


To play back a message, press and release the “Play” button. To hear the next message, press and release the “Play” button again. Continue to scroll through the remaining messages. If there is no activity after 10 seconds, the unit will return to the beginning of the message queue.

Repeat a Message

To repeat a message after listening to it, press and hold the “Play” button for three seconds. The previous message will play again.

Deleting a Single Message

After listening to a message, press and release the “Play” and “Record” buttons at the same time. The recently played message will be deleted.

Deleting All Messages

To delete all messages, press and hold the “Play” and “Record” buttons simultaneously until two short beeps are heard (approximately 5 seconds). Once a message is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Charging Short Term Memory Aid

Plug the USB charging cord (provided) into the USB port located on the bottom of the unit. Plug the other end into a laptop or stand-alone charging device. For best results, fully charge Short-Term Memory Aid (approximately 8 hours). A red light on the face of the unit will illuminate to indicate that the device is charging. When the light goes out, the unit is fully charged. Depending on usage, a single charge can last for weeks. For best results, always fully charge the Short-Term Memory Aid.

Note: Recharge if the Short-Term Memory Aid starts to emit static, which is an indication that the battery is running low.