Instant Recall

We all struggle with remembering things like grocery lists, phone numbers or to-do list items. Short-Term Memory Aid makes it easy to capture & recall all those easy-to-forget details.

One-Touch, Non-Visual Operation

Just press a button, wait two seconds, and speak naturally. Short-Term Memory Aid records your reminder instantly. The “Play” and “Record” buttons have a tactile, raised edge, so you can operate Short-Term Memory Aid without looking.

Faster than Writing 

Sure, you could write things down. But using paper and pen isn’t always convenient or quick. You can use Short-Term Memory Aid while driving, walking, biking, working, playing or any time it’s inconvenient to grab a pen & pad.

Simpler than Smartphone Apps

Yes, we know smartphones can be used for recording. But it takes time to unlock your phone, search for the app, and open it—and Siri may not understand what you say.  Short-Term Memory Aid is faster and simpler to use.

Use Short-Term Memory Aid for:

  • Grocery lists
  • Names
  • Phone numbers
  • Thoughts and ideas
  • To-do lists
  • Wi-Fi passwords
  • Serial numbers
  • And more

Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery

Short-Term Memory Aid’s rechargeable battery lasts for weeks on a single charge. To recharge, just plug it in using the USB charging cord.

Small and Lightweight

2.25” diameter

Portable, with Wearable Lanyard

Short-Term Memory Aid is so small, you can easily wear it around your neck or keep it in your purse or pocket. You can also wear it under your clothing. The sensitive microphone easily picks up your voice and the tactile buttons are easy to operate through fabric.

Record Multiple Messages Back-to-Back

To record another message, just press “Record” again.